BOOST C++ Compile VS2019

1. Download and unzip boost from
2. Lets say, boost unzipped to c:\downloads
3. Run "x64 Native Tools Command Prompt for VS 2019" (its important to run this one instead of power shell or normal cmd)
4. cd c:\downloads
5. .\bootstrap
6. b2 --prefix=c:\boost_libs --toolset=msvc-14.2 --address-model=64 --architecture=x86 --runtime-link=static,shared --link=static threading=multi install
7. boost will be installed in c:\boost_libs
8. In VS2019 --> Solution Explorer --> "Project" --> Properties --> C++ --> Additional Include Directories --> Add c:\boost_libs\include
9. In VS2019 --> Solution Explorer --> "Project" --> Properties --> Linker --> General --> Additional Library Directories --> Add c:\boost_libs\lib

Since VS2010 there is no global directories, you need to specify per project options.


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