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C++ Linking Chilkat Linux

Create project folder, for example ~cktest: cd cktest Download C++ GCC Chilkat Library: wget tar xfz ./*.gz Move include and lib folder to cktest Create your .cpp program, for example my.cpp #include <CkJsonObject.h> #include <iostream> int ChilkatSample() { CkJsonObject json;      bool success; int index = -1; success = json.AddStringAt(-1,"Title","Pan's Labyrinth"); success = json.AddStringAt(-1,"Director","Guillermo del Toro"); success = json.AddStringAt(-1,"Original_Title","El laberinto del fauno"); success = json.AddIntAt(-1,"Year_Released",2006); json.put_EmitCompact(false); std::cout << json.emit() << "\r\n"; exit(EXIT_SUCCESS); } static int s = ChilkatSample(); int main() { std::cout << "Inside main() - dummy things"; } To compile: g++ my.cpp -I./include -L./lib -lc